Some advice on a project involving practical effects

Hello all you talented people you. It has been awhile since I posted. I would like some advice if possible. I have to RE-sign up for the school here and I am hoping to do that within the next month or so since I am trying to finish up my standard Master's in Education(back up plan).
I have been working on a project for sometime now but nothing physical as far as props and such..This is unfortunately a non-profit because it is more of a showcase but I would like some insight...I would very much like to create and full werewolf suit complete with animatronic head for facial expressions,etc...Emotion is the key.
I have some ideas where to go but I would like to hear some advice on how to get started, time involved,costs etc...I have my research notes but I could really use second,third and any other advice or insights into this. Thanks all. Have a great day


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