Insane welding rods

Hey gang,
  So I decided to level up my mech game and ditch the coat hangers for some welding rods. I ran out and picked up what I'm pretty sure are the same ones BJ used in his course (ER70S-2 1/8' carbon steel), and holy vibranium, these things refuse to bend or be cut.  Has anyone else run into this? Is there some information I'm missing? 


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    For bending you can use a vice to hold the piece and then bend it with either a vice grip or a length of pipe to give you more leverage.   If it still proves too difficult to get the bend you want, you can heat up the bend point with a torch to soften it.  Don't cool with water or you can make the metal brittle.

    For cutting an angle grinder should work, or Dremel cutting disks and some patience. And don't forget the safety glasses!

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