Magic Wheelchair


Hello there
My piece that I need to patch is a tinsil10 cast leg that has a seam on both sides.

In your tutorial you talk about Syco paint because you are using platinum silicone. 

As tin silicone will stick to tin am I correct that can use all of your other teachings, eg feathering out, using naphtha etc? And not need to use a barrier? Whatever is the equivalent to Syco paint in the UK.

I am in the uk, naphtha we use lighter fluid.

Many thanks


  • Ah I have just rewatched the section 'sealing the exposed seam line' and Chris says Silpoxy should be used.

    I will need to see if this available in the uk.
  • Yeah, that should cover it.

    And lighter fluid will work just fine as long as it's the right formula.  The data sheet for the fluid should show you whats in it.

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