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Are there any machine shops in the Los Angeles area where one can utilize their tools and equipment for projects that require metal fabrication?  So far I've only seen makerspaces that only have 3D printers and laser cutters.


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    I m halfway around the world and found this in Costa Mesa, CA 92626 - with a quick Google Search. They include:

    Sheet Metal

    Box and pan brake

    Jump Shear, 48″ wide

    Mittler Brother bead roller

    Planishing hammer

    Beverly Shear

    Corner notcher (Coming soon)

    Misc hand shears and tools

    MetalAce 44F English wheel

    MetalAce shrinker and stretcher

    Slip Roller , manual 24″

    Amongst a load of other options. Knock yourself out

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    Larger shops usually can't let the general public use their tools due to insurance and liability concerns, but some schools/colleges may be able to help.  Makerspaces are a great resource for this, but as you mentioned not all have every tool you might need for metalwork.

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