Flexible Mask and headdress / bodypainting involved

so I wanted a headpiece for my model, that was BIG ish but would fit into my carry on luggage. This was the result and survived being in a vacuum bag for three days between Workshop and Event.

Finished pictures 1st.


  • this was after modelling out the surface on the base I did make from upholstery foam pieces and then I used 3mm thcik flexible packing foam sheets and spray glue for the top parts. and the 1st coat of paint

  • and the underconstruction of the mask, when I still thought it d need to be closed of like a helmet. I wanted to go for a mechanical hard edge look still.

  • painting was tricky only airbrush really worked in the end

  • Now that I know you might vaccuum pack the piece, I'd advise against using latex because if it gets soaked into the foam, and the foam gets crushed together, those parts will stay crushed because the latex will bond inside the foam. I had it happen on my mask but it ended up working for me. 
    Be really careful using latex, make sure it stays on the surface only and powder it down to make sure it can't stick to itself. It'll probably still permanently crease inside a vaccuum sealed bag though. 
  • Great costume :)
  • Awesome work!  Glad it survived the travel, I know how stressful that can be!

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