A creepy hand

Just wanted to show my creepy hand. Was fun making it. Still need to learn a lot but I do think it is going very well and most of all, I have so much fun in doing!
Anyway, hope you all enjoy it. 


  • pretty damn creepy. Hands are so tough even tho everyone has great reference "at hand". Well done. Are you going to take it further?
  • Thank you Wolf. I am not sure if I am going to take it further tho the pictures do not show them well there is a full skin texture.. maybe one or two more flesh wounds but have to think about it. I am however planning to try to make a mold of it and cast it then paint it. So fingers crossed :)
  • why not just seal and paint it?

  • It is made with monsterclay... wasn't aware I could seal that? Will it become firm enough? How will that work?
  • Looks great!

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