Skin texture for Monster Clay using texture stamps

Hey all, I'm struggling quite a bit trying to add realistic skin textures to my monster clay sculptures using texture stamps, and any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I'm constructing lifesize busts using Monster Clay hard and adding skin textures with Monster Maker's urethane texture stamps. The problem is, being that these stamps are urethane/rubber and a bit flimsy, the monster clay is just too hard to take the texture.

Of course, I decide to heat up the clay a bit to soften it. The problem is, it seems no matter the source of heat (heat gun, hair dryer, creme brulee torch, bic lighter), as soon as I get the clay super soft, I press in the stamp, and just after one or two stamps, the clay is suddenly cooled again nearly instantly (when I press in the urethane stamp, is it cooling the clay upon contact instantly?). To make matters worse, I can never seem to get the clay in a consistency that's perfect for stamping - apply a little heat and it's still too hard to take an impression, and when I apply a bit more than that, it becomes too mushy.

I'm going to attempt with Monster Clay soft in a few days, hoping that'll be a bit easier to use with the texture stamps than Monster clay hard, but in the meantime, trying to identify my problem: are the urethane stamps just too flimsy? Is Monster Clay hard actually too hard to use these texture stamps on?

Hoping I can find a good solution, as the Monster Maker texture stamp sets have wonderful textures that are just perfect for skin! How do others use texture stamps on Monster clay? Any recommendations for texture stamps I can purchase that aren't quite as soft? Thanks!


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    Hi Jon:

    Thanks for your question.

    I think you are on the right track by softening the clay. You have to do it in small patches because the hard version does have a tendency to harden back up quicker than the soft or medium grades. Our textures do not work well on the hard version of MC at room temp. If you find a texture you like you could try to replicate it in a harder material. We have a new product called Cosclay that is flexible but with a higher durameter. You could do a quick clay press and cure. Than do a reverse press and cure that. The advantage is that you could take sections of the stamp and replicate in any shape you'd like. You might also like to resort to some hand textures to compliment.
    Hope that helps give you some food for thought.


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