-WithIn- Alien Surgeon

edited April 2015 in Creature Contest

-Within- Was started as a personal pet project a little while back, the premise of the project was that I had been approached by a director/producer to come up with concepts for an alien abduction themed movie.

This one is the Alien Surgeon, It incorporates a lot of graphic reference in the design and this was done because those kind of visual references need to be censored and rightly so, the whole idea was to make convey all that eeriness that many abduction films seem to instil in it's audience. This was produced in water clay and chavant, moulded in fibreglass resin and then cast in translucent silicone with a lot of intrinsic colouring, flocking and veining, life size

Thanks for looking :)

Juliette Skye


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    Awesome work! The sculpture is terrific and I really love the finger like protrusions from the upper mandible and the realistic paintjob. Also, the forehead has a nice accent ;)  Really great work, keep it up!
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