Decorator Crab-Stop Motion Puppet

This is a stop-motion puppet I created for the upcoming short film The Lost Seahorse. Designed by Ben Fieschi-Rose, this character is based on a variety of species of crab that collect materials from their environment and adorn their bodies to camouflage and ward off predators.

The understructure of this puppet is made of sculpting epoxy, each leg fully articulated with a wire understructure running the length of the leg. All 10 of the appendages are removable using sections of square brass stock, and there is a removable plate on the underside to allow access for an animation rig to be inserted. The eyes, antennae, and mandibles are also removable. Most of the anemones and other accessories were sculpted with Monster Clay and cast in silicone. The body of the crab is painted with acrylic paint.  
Below are some photos of the progress and shots from set. 

Final Design (By Ben Fieschi-Rose):

Final Sculpt Including Accessories:

A Couple of Frames from The Lost Seahorse (pre-VFX):

Thanks so much for taking a look! If you want to stay up to date, check out The Lost Seahorse for more cool stop-motion critters! 
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