Sabre Squirrelfish Stop-Motion Puppet

Here's a stop-motion puppet I designed and built for The Lost Seahorsean animated short currently in production in Toronto, Canada. The design is based on Sargocentron spiniferum.

The puppet was sculpted in Monster Clay, with a ball and socket armature built by Amelia Blaine. The fins were made of aluminium wire and organza, which was brushed with silicone and then painted. The eyes are glass hemispheres, which were reverse-painted. Below are a few progress photos of the build. 

Final Design:

The Sculpt, Ready to be Moulded 

Airbrushing the Puppet:

A Frame from The Lost Seahorse (before VFX) showing the finished puppet.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work! Feel free to check out The Lost Seahorse to see more stop-motion creatures like this! 

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