Davy Jones Silicone

I worked on a large part of this Davy Jones costume for a friend of mine a few years ago, but didn’t do everything. The main part that I did myself from scratch was the tentacled hand. I cast a copy of my friend’s hand and sculpted the glove sculpture onto it with Non-Sulpher Plastalina. I made the outer mold with UltraCal 30. I made the final piece out of Ecoflex 30 silicone and painted it. I also fabricated the claw arm from sheets of upholstery foam and covered it with fabric and latex, then painted it with acrylic paint. The close-up photos on the grass only show the base coat, but it was painted better later. I also sculpted the barnacles that were glued all over the character. They were cast in latex. My friend had an existing mask mold that was in several pieces. His first mask was discolored and was melting from having too much softener in it. The molds were contaminated with latex and were damaged. I re-made them so that they could be used for silicone again, then I cast, assembled and painted a new mask. The clothing and hat were made by another friend of ours who we have since lost touch with. I can only find a couple of photos of the finished costume, which are included. It doesn’t look like the photos are going to post in chronological order, but the stages are there, just out of order. The finished costume is toward the end. Thanks for looking! 
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