The Suffering

Hi there!
I'm Sadhbh Mowlds, I'm originally from Ireland but currently I'm studying for my MFA in Glass at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. I started getting into special effects and hyper-realism about a year ago but I'm mostly self-taught. I had a monthly membership with the Stan Winston School but unfortunately I can't afford it at the moment. I would really love more insight into special effects and mold-making techniques because right now I feel as though I'm just fumbling around in the dark... the year subscription to Stan Winston would be extremely appreciated (and, of course, all the other goodies :))!

This piece is called "The Suffering" and is an exploration of the dawning and evolution of human consciousness. Thoughts about how we define the mind, why we have one and how we assume superiority due to the vague conclusions we have about it, fueled the creation of this piece.

Raised in Ireland, influences of Catholic idolatry are impossible to ignore when investigating the origins and existence of spirit. By challenging the centuries of traditional, Irish Catholic guilt, I ask if our tormented human condition and our continual search for answers are a blessing or burden.

Layered with subtle humor and suggestive symbolism I intend to raise infinite questions about identity, awareness and our so called unique ability to contemplate contemplation.

Thanks for looking! (especially at the last image ;))

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