New Sculpt for a Latex Half-Mask "Defiled" WIP

This is a sculpture based on a character in the D&D campaign that I'm running. Here's a quick backstory.

The main Arch Villain has yet to be identified, but it is known that he deals in necromancy and the daemons of chaos. The travelers come upon the town, burning and covered in blood, but no bodies have been found. He alone is left, this poor priest, eyes removed, nailed to the holy temple he has spent his whole life serving. When the travelers ask who had committed these atrocities, the priest's tongue bursts into flames as he attempts to speak the name of the unholy one who desecrated this land. To replace the ash that was once his tongue slithers forth an eye from deep down in his throat, to observe those who stand against the Lord of Insanity.

So here's the sculpt of the priest :)

It's still a work in progress but I am very close to being done. The ball in his mouth will be painted as the eyeball once this bad boy is molded and cast up in latex.

I'd really love to know what the community thinks of this piece because I will be selling wearable latex half masks of these! Comments and critiques welcome :) 


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    Very cool sculpt and backstory.  Can't wait to see the finished mask!

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    Thanks Chris! Me either, I'm really excited to mold this guy :)
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    Amrit JaivalaAmrit Jaivala ✭✭
    edited May 2015
    ooh i love D6D played many years
    and this guy looks good, will this ball be a eyeball ? :)
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    Amrit, yes it will be an eyeball ! I think that I may start a line of d&d inspired latex masks for this years haunt season. I have a casting pulled, so i'll post a picture once I get the chance!
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    Looks great! keep up the good work!
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