Ambush Predator waiting for New Adventurers

This is my submission for the Creature Making Contest. 
I designed this monster myself drawing inspiration from a Bobbit worm, spider/crab and a snake like body shape.
This monster sits on a 8" by 4" display base to help give the concept of the physicality of this creature. I made it to fit in and be used with 28mm Miniature figures such as for a game of Dungeons and dragons.
Materials I used were Toothpicks, barbeque skewers, cardboard, paper, XPS foam and Sculpey Polymer clay.
The whole figure was painted using miniature paints.
This is my first attempt at designing and building a creature from scratch and some of the materials (mostly the Sculpey) I had never used before this. There is definitely areas that I wish I had worked on more or had more time to work on but It was a fun experience, I definitely learned allot and made mistakes along the way but I really enjoyed the process to want to try this again.
If you want to see any further progress pictures of this please visit my Instragram @thesonicdark.

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