This is an original sculpt in wed clay, molded and cast in latex. It was completed on March 6th.  The two part mold was made from Ultracal 30. The eyes are epoxy, airbrushed and hand painted. I learned how to do the eyes by John Cherevka,s course on Epoxy Eyes. I bought the eye molds from John Cherevka. The hair is crepe hair attached with Pros-Aid. A technique I learned from Patrick Magee’s articulated masks on a budget. I learned painting techniques from Tim Gore and Casey Love Latex Mask Painting Techniques course. I also leaned a lot from the course, How To Paint A Monster Mask by Steve Wang. I recommend all of the courses listed. I have yet to watch a course that didn’t deliver. The paints are Tim Gore's line Bloodline from Createx. Hope you like my work.

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