Piddles Mcgee by Jonathan Craig

My name is Jonathan Craig, from Meaford, Ontario Canada. I had this character in my head for a long time before I started sculpting him last year. He was inspired by a set of 1950s dental demonstration teeth I picked up at an antique store. 
Sculpted with Klean Klay, molded in Ultacal 30 with a Mold Max core, and run in Dragon Skin. I took some Stan Winston School courses - Tim Gore walked me through the silicone painting and Denise Bear was vital in getting me through the hair punching which I was doing right up until the contest deadline (took 70 hrs). After I gave him this awful haircut I knew the time was worth it. I used deodorant rollers as sockets and molded the balls to make his eyes. His name is Piddles Mcgee, and he will hopefully be a very rude puppet someday. Thank you to the Stan Winston School for all your great courses and good luck to everyone. There are some absolutely amazing pieces that people have submitted!!!

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