Ya-mamba- Swamp Witch Spirit

My model was a Japanese exchange student and I wanted to find some folklore based on her culture. I found the real story of Ya-mamba (not the crazy makeup that's "in" right now.) Summarized, Ya-mamba is a swamp witch that  will appear as a beautiful women to other women who are good at heart but will show her true form to those who are bad and will eat them. She is known to eat children, especially bad runnaways. She normally is secluted to the misty mountains but will come down where the mist is in the valley. She was more like a boogie man to keep children behaving and to make sure they don't run off.

Why the red baby? One day a very pregnant woman was walking alone then suddenly goes into labor. As she cries for help a woman appears and helps deliver the baby but the helpful woman was the swamp witch Ya-mamba. Instead of eating the baby she takes him and raises him as her own. The story goes on to legend talking about the boy who is of this world and the spirit one. He has a red skin tone like a demon.

Silicone full head, neck and shoulder piece. Painted with alcohol inks and paint along with some yarn veins for texture. Based skin off of the Japanese giant salamander. Hair is hand punched and instead of giving her eyes I took them away almost making her look hollow within.

Sorry for the large files. :smiley: 


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