Creature Concept #3 Cthulhu Baby

edited April 2015 in Creature Contest
Last but not least, I just recently made this for Raw Illusions Studios (my own company.) It's a small start compared to creature suits, but I'm really proud of it. So this is my final interpretation of a creature....the Cthulhu Baby! He's too small to have his wings yet (seeing how they don't function anyway, they come with puberty! Haha.) 

But he has his own little markings, hand-painted eyes, claws, etc. Sculpted from the beginning and molded in pieces, 6 reasonable sized molds and then over 5 small molds for tentacles and other pieces that weren't used. Posable tentacles, fingers, and toes with some armature. A nice thin latex skin over foam. Such a lovable little lug.

As always, hope you enjoy! =)

Too bad there's only 3 entries! I love this creature stuff, haha I live for it. 


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