Be not fooled by Victorian tales of little men in pointy green hats, real Pixies are little naked terrors of the undergrowth. With an everlasting hunger they scavange what they can, slugs and snails and all sorts of bug entrails. Anything they can get their speedy little hands on, and when times are hard they will search for anything to fill their hole and will often swallow plain old stones.
Pixies are very sociable creatures who are very fond of each other, always found in pairs or small groups, for they do not last long on their own. They work together, swiftly scouring the ground for anything they might find.
It is known that Pixies can become a nuisance in harsh winters to a household living on the edges of their territories. A pair will often scout out the home for an easy entrance to steal off with the home's goods, two will often attract four Pixies and four six until a whole group starts coming in secret, and in the early hours you would see a line of their snatchings making its way off into the darkness. People are left bewildered that their stocks seem to be getting ever emptier.
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