Argi – one of the main mischief-makers of mankind!

Hi! Im Helena Black and am happy with the opportunity to represent my Other Worlds! I`m a creator of various transcendental characters that exist somewhere beyond this world and have their unique stories. 

Argi – one of the main mischief-makers of mankind. This creature exists in the second dimension where there are low vibrations and dark energies. He is fraught with distinct roguery, trickery, and mendacity. He can easily enchant, that`s why there are no vacant seats at the gambling table.  He is a talented manipulator who uses people`s weaknesses for his benefit. Argi feeds on just people`s energy of disappointment, failure, rancor, greediness, and vanity.

In the second dimension, Argi looks like a dark energy cloud but materializing in our physical world, that is the third dimension, the creature designs the desirable appearance himself.

Materials: polymer clay, wireframe. Height – 40 cm (15.7 inches)

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