Once Reapers of the Brood Tribe, the first Greyskrulls were an ostracized group who were discovered to be worshipping Ghyrma, the shadow to Creedona’s light. The small band of outcasts left their home in the Icy Divide, roaming Revilo in search of a new home until finally arriving in their current home, deep in the caverns of the Badlands, far to the south.
As time passed, the retelling of their exile became embellished and exaggerated, molding the Greyskrulls into a warrior culture with traditions based largely on the animosity toward their Reaper cousins. Slaying a Reaper of another tribe is a right of passage for young Greyskrull Warriors to this day, a successful warpath is met with high praise and the honor of dining with King Kaldor, the current ruler of the Greyskrull faction.
Like all of their Reaper kin, Greyskrulls have a pair of faces, and therefore two consciousnesses. Unlike most Reapers, however, Greyskrulls generally let their upper, more animalistic head lead in their decision-making and thought processes, precipitating an aggressive, primitive people.
Over the past few years, there have been warbands of Greyskrulls sighted as far north as the Icy Divide, and as far west as Murk’s Hollow, the trading hub known formerly as Crookstooth.

Sculpted with Magic Sculpt, painted with acrylic.
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