Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II fully animated live stage puppet (pod 3)!

Puppets I created for a theatre production in Washington, DC in the fall of 2019. I spruced them up a bit in the beginning of 2020 to begin renting them out for a couple productions across the country, and then the world shut down....I was really tired of the standard way most Audrey II puppets are built and performed, and wanted to find an approach that captured the magic and movement of the motion picture, while at the same time being even more user-friendly for a puppeteer to operate. The end result was one of the most satisfying creations I have made. When live theatre is able to resume again, I hope to see her on stage once more. 
Made from closed-cell polyethylene, foam clay, craft foam, fabric, silicone caulk, pvc, pool noodles, and various other parts and pieces.

See more (or Seymour! Haha!) at www.mattamagical.com @mattamagical (Instagram & Facebook)

Photos below are from the DC production at Constellation Theatre Company, as well as a shot from a university production at BYU last year right before the shutdown.


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