Amateur Hiisi and Shaman Inspired Forest Creature - Kid Friendly

First time working with clay!!! Complete 'project.' This was a fun project I had fun experimenting with. He was an idea that evolved from wanting a forest type creature that was inspired by hiisi myth and a woodland shaman. Total time working on it was about 6 hours not including drying times.
Base creature frame from flower foam and toothpicks. 
Air Dry clay over that. Covered with paper-mache mix. 
Eyes were purchased online. Fur was bought in a square and cut, styled and attached where needed. All his other additions I hand made. 
The bottom 5 pics of through the progress. The first ones are of his woodland photoshoot on our ranch. 
I am really thankful for Stan Winston School for hosting these contests to stimulate creativity.
I hope you enjoy my little fluffy guy. 

Thank you!!  
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