The Creature from the Crypt (Mummy Suit)


I created this Mummy Costume for this contest! Thanks to the extended deadline I was actually able to finish it! 

The suit was created out of latex, polyfoam, cotton wrapping, acrylic paint, dyed gauze and fake hair! The mask or the head of the mummy has a slip cast latex skin with a friendly plastic teeth and a hard skeletal jaw. Overall this took me about 4 weeks to put together (working on and off). I painted it using acrylic paint mixed with latex using a variety of brushes as well as airbrushing some veins here and there. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! and anything I can do better next time! 

Photos and Editing by Aly Paji. 

Thanks for looking at my work! Please follow me on instagram where I post a majority of my work! @carlosgomezfx
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