The Hairy-EyeBall Monster

Extra!! Extra!!! Never before seen photo of -"The Hairy-EyeBall Monster”! This is the first in a series of hideous vintage photographs of creatures previously thought to be myth, but who’s corpses were part of a traveling circus side-show in the early 1900's. "The Hairy-EyeBall Monster", "The Cold-Shoulder Creature" and "The Treacherous Silent-Treatment", are now available after not being viewed by any living human for over 100 years!  Judging by the first photo released today, it appears that The Hairy-Eyeball Monster was the most popular in the slang-spawning monster collective!!

An original creature design concept created and rendered in Modo 801 - Using point clouds, object replicators and texture replicators.  Compositing and final image adjustments using Photoshop CC.

Original damaged photo and cleaned/restored photo (renderings) below...


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