"Rusty"- Original Creature Suit

Custom Creature suit for short film, "Impact". Latex and ployfoam chest, back, and head. Foam fabricated body suit with silicone skin. Budget and time restraints prevented the creation of original gloves. Modified halloween gloves were used instead, but everything else was an original sculpture/fabrication. 

Quick concept sketch 

Original head sculpt using Monster Clay

Chest and back sculpt out of Wed Clay. Spines fabricated out of Friendly Plastic

Foam body fabrication

Silicone "skinning"/painting. Color was inspired by a baboon with mange. 

BTS photos of completed suit in action

Screenshots from the short

This was my first time spear-heading an original suit. It was a healthy mix of educational, stressful, and fun. A lot of mistakes made, a lot of stuff learned. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for looking! 

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