soldering iron and armature wire

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I am making an armature that has a lot of wires converging in one place. My original plan was to use epoxy to connect them, but preferably the place where the wired come together would be a joint. The armature will be slightly exposed, so I didn't want to wrap it in smaller wire or tread. There is no clay going on top. I was curious if I used a soldering iron to connect them would it hold it together and would it bend? I have never used a soldering iron before so I thought I would see if anyone has any advice or experience using it before I invest. Thank you!
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    Solder would be a good way to hold the wires together, my only concern is that the solder joint might break under repeated flexing.  Has anyone here had luck with using solder in a spot where a wire needs to bend?

    Another option would be to wrap the wires at the point you have in red but have a little extra length on each of them running down the main wire, and then solder or epoxy them just past the point where you want to bend.

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    Thank you so much! I'll try that!
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