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Hello I’m reaching you out, first to thank you for sharing our creature (the blind lord) on your facebook page. We are glad you like it and share it to promote the « Creature making contest ». Also I would like to reminde that as I descride on my entry post, this creation is a collaboration between two artists, Romain Pommier and myself. Please, is it possible to credit him on the post as well. Thank very much for your attention and for making this amazing contest. Cheers.

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  • Hi Frédéric,

    Our pleasure, thanks for submitting your work and taking a part in both our contest and our community!

    I've reached out to our team to let them know about crediting both artists.   They mentioned the issue has been addressed as they have been in contact with you.  Please let me know if everything is good on your end!


  • Thank you, it's great.
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