The Grove: "Junior/AKA Knarles Barkleaf"

"The Trees are ALIVE!"... again.

"Junior" was one of three trees I designed and constructed for the Logos Theatre's stage production of Prince Caspian, from The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis.

The requirement from my Artistic Director was for them to be bipod/humanoid and epic! A lot of the inspiration for the look came from a myriad of Tree Ent photos on Pinterest. The design idea came from the YouTube series that Stan Winston school did with Legacy Effects for Geek Week with Wired Magazine: How to Build a Giant Robot Mech. I will link a video that our team at the Logos Theatre created that highlights the tree design process:

"Junior" is a mech suit. He is operated by one person inside on drywall stilts wearing a spandex suit for the lower half.  The upper half mechanics are the same as the prototype parallelogram constructed by Jim Kundig with a few exceptions/modifications. Thanks to Matt Winston and Jim for answering a few of my questions during the process. The suit has a 13-foot wingspan and from toe to top measures roughly 12 feet. The exterior is constructed from EVA foam/L-200 (shoutout to Ted Haines on the Foamsmith Courses!). The legs/roots and musculature are all constructed of heat gun pipe insulation. 

Photos of the design and construction process as well as the completed Mech are below. Here are additional behind the scenes videos of the build process:  

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