Lizard Man

For the Creature Making Contest I've created a miniture bust of a "lizard person" (inspired by the lizard people conspiracy theory). I sculpted the bust in monster clay medium grade. As it was my first time using clay I was quite pleased with the final product. For the eyes i used marbles as I could not get my hands on artificial eyes, but I like the effect it created.

I then moulded the bust in Barnes Pinkysil Silicone and made a plaster bandage mother mould. I then slush casted the bust in Barnes easy cast resin. Unfortunately air bubbles were present in the final cast but I expected that being my first time using resin.

I then painted the resin casting with acrylic paint and cut up and folded some navy blue fabric to resmeble that of a suit to adhere to the "lizard person" conspiracy theory I was inspired by. I then dressed him in a old shirt and tie stuck in the eyes with tape.

Here's the final product.

Thank you for viewing my entry, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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