Moroff Rouge One

This has been a project myself and Joey Arielle have been working on for about the last 5 months. He stands at a total of 7Ft 1 when I am in the costume. I spent most of the time blending and latchooking the hair for body suit and building stilts/feet. The belly was 3D modeled and printed very simlar to how the orignal was done for the suit in the film. I used a combo of Fusion 360, Zbrush and a 3D body scan of myself and reference images for scaling/proportions from everything to the gun, stilts size, chest piece and scaling of the head. The gun (M60 variant, chest piece, belt buckle I had all modeled in Fusion 360 printed and finished. Same with the jaw peice. Once the jaw was printed and compelte then Joey and I used that as the reference and scale began hand sculpting the head form. The head is basically a head hat and you see through a veil below the jaw line. Another cool feature used was the use of the Iphone and a App for a Oscillator in the chest peice. 

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