Muffin Mech

I just watched several of the puppet videos by BJ, and now I have to make a muffin. Since I don't have the foam just yet, I decided to start making the mech for it. Normally I do a lot of 3d modeling and printing for props so I 3d modeled the mech and am test printing it now. I made it to the same measurements as described in the video. the hinge will be more a mechanical hinge as it will take a m6x30 screw. Hope You all like it. IF! it works fine and anyone wants the file to print it themselves after its tested let me know, I'd be happy to share.
Also I Gave it a little bit of a tongue and the pull cable will run inside the shaft. Its in pieces so it will fit on most standard desktop FDM printers. Loving these courses so far cant wait to really get started on my first puppet.


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