Paint used in predator helmet course

I was curious if anyone knew the actual colors/products used in the Predator Helmet paint tutorial. Ive watched the "products used" section a bunch of times but they don't actually tell you the colors used. Im trying to paint a droid i 3d printed with the same colors as the battled damaged predator helmet. 

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


  • Hi Justin,

    I'll reach out and see if we can hunt down more information on this.


  • Hi Justin,

    Have you checked the materials list on the lesson page?  It may have some of the information you are after.
    • Alumaluster by Imperial Surface - Aluminum Chrome Finish

    • Badger Air-Opaque Paint - Black

    • Carbon Black Automotive Paint

    • Copic Inks – Various Colors

    • Graphite Automotive Paint

    • Metallic Paint - Shrapnel

    • Metallic Spraypaint

    • Model Master Enamel

    • Ronan Raw Umber Paint


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    Thank you so much, I really appreciate the help. I was actually able to search through the forums and seems like someone else had the same question and was given the brand. 

    Appreciate it again!
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