Blind Lord

The Blind Lord is the name of this sculpture. This piece is the result of a collaboration between two passionate artists : Romain Pommier who created the design and sculpted it using the software Zbrush and myself, Frederic Wajeman, who made the physical sculpture. The 3D file was cutted in 6 main pieces with the eyes and teeth seperate in order to print them. The inside of the sculpture was created with a frame that helped making the horns, head and the entire bust stronger. The printing technique for this project is using filament PLA. Once fully printed and all the pieces put together with the frame, the sculpture was coated and reworked to remove the print marks and bring back some of the details. The eyes are made of transparent resin. The overall printing time was around the 100 hours. Putting everything together and painting it represent almost 10 hours. The pictures and videos was made using an Ipad and a lighting with LED, allowing us to modify the color and the intensity to fit with the mood we wanted.
That’s it for this great project.

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