Creature Entry Design #1 - Patchwork Nightmare: Perfection Abused

For my entry I wanted to share my vision of Victor Frankenstein's great masterpiece....in progress. 

I always enjoyed the concept of what the monster may look like if it was "unfinished" and brought to life too soon, rather than a stitched up man. So my piece includes symmetrical stitching to show Victor's perfectionism and care....but also random bits of flesh that don't quite match to show that it would be nearly impossible for true perfection due to the decaying of skin. It also shows Victor's choosiness. I always imagined him looking at "beautiful" pieces of corpses rather than paying attention to the big picture...much like an artist who gets trapped into details rather than stepping back and looking at the whole piece. He never looks at the natural wear and tear that the body endures, bruising, bleeding, and just how different parts fit together!
Lastly, the green fluid and vials are JHC, which is supposedly a reanimating compound (I looked it up, I know I'm a nerd haha.) Victor uses it to fuel his creature and help kickstart its life-force. So you can see where the green fluid is leaking from his palm, inserted into his heart, and contained in some of the pins that are holding flesh or muscle (much like a seamstress with pins in cloth to hold it's place.) So now that the monster is alive, what is this enigma of a man to do?

I hope you enjoy the piece, I had a ton of fun designing this beast...and hopefully someday I'll get to create him physically as a killer makeup or sculpture. This is part of why I would be so honored to have a chance to win the prize. I've always wanted to make monsters since I was a little girl =)



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    I like your concept a lot.  It has a Clive Barker feel to it and I am a huge fan of Barkers monsters/demons.  I would love to see this come together as a fully realized makeup.  Very nice work.  
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    Thank you so much Thomas!

    I really appreciate that, and Clive Barker is such an inspiration...so that is a high compliment. Someday we shall see this on a person, I'm determined haha.
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