My BIG Witch Bust: Linda

I created this bust for my final major project at university; I wanted to showcase all the skills I had learnt over the past three years I spent there and felt this did exactly that. I started by making the armature out of foamboard and expanding foam to get the rough shape of the head then I sculpted on top of that with WED clay to clarify the forms and add the details. I then made a 2 part fiberglass mould to cast her out of Progel10. Some of the veins in the face are wool fibers I cast into the silicone. It's also worth mentioning different areas of her face are deadened differently, some parts like the jowels on her jawline are up to 200% deadener I encapsulated in 0% deadened silicone so they feel more like loose skin as oppose to her nose which is 50% deadened so it feels more like cartilage. Once I demoulded her I sat her back on the fiberglass core and painted her using pigmented silicone and some alcohol paints. the eyeballs are painted vac formed acrylic and the hair is all hand punched, this includes her eyebrows, eyelashes, nostril hair, chin hair and the hair on her head! The whole project from start to finish took me 9 weeks, I hope you love her as much as I do!


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