Grogu “baby yoda” the child from the Mandalorian series

My rendition of Christian Alzmann / Legacy effects puppet

This entire piece is 100 % hand made by me .Used monster clay to sculpt . Casted in dragon skin 10  platinum silicone . Painted with various silicone pigments / GE silicone + krylon , silcpig .. Epoxacast eyes hand painted from the back side and  smoke tinted .  eyes are removable . I have been doing this less than one year and this is my very first completed piece. I learned all of these techniques from watching the Stan Winston school courses. I wanted a grogu puppet or sculpture  so bad after watching the mandalorian series and wanted to buy the awesome sideshow collectibles one but first decided to try my luck at making my own . I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results I got and am glad I joined the SWSCA because I actually learned so many things I never would have tried on my own . The pictures I posted were through the various stages and tweaks I made before completing the piece.  Thank you Stan Winston School for giving me the tools  to make my dreams possible !  I can’t stress this enough. If your interested in seeing the complete process of this project you can look me up on Instagram: razor_aesthetic 

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