Breath of Life

This sculpture is inspired by the figurehead sculptures that can be found on the front of old galleon ships and has a maritime theme through and through. The backboard is wood and has a foam and fibreglass structure on top of it with a fully functioning lantern on each side that gives of a dim orange light. The lantern windows are out of plexiglass and the lights are LEDs. The decorative elements of the board consist of sculpted corals, real shells and coins, and elements cast in plastic.

Galateia is composed out of bodycast elements ( torso, arm, hand, wood face) and sculpted elements (silicone face and rest of the head,crown, scales,). She consists of a total of eight parts that have been attached to one another and is hollow on the inside. The paintjob is mimicing drift wood. The tear in her chest is seethrough green tinted resin that has a separate light installation with on and of switch in the back and glows bright green.

Her face was sculpted in chavant NSP medium, was molded in silicone and plaster and cast in platinum silicone which was then painted. The eyes are handmade out of resin and handpainted, the brows have been individually punched. The wet hair was glued down and glazed over to give it a wet look.

This artwork was inspired by the story of Galateia and Pygmalion as told by Ovid. The basic idea of an artist wishing for a statue to come to life was intriguing to me.

Cheers, thank you for looking and good luck to all contestants!



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