My Predator

I started my Predator with a taxidermy foam form of a mountain lion head. I built it up in certain areas with aluminum foil. Over all I used Das air dry clay. His eyes are glass mountain lion eyes. The dreads are water hoses fro Ace hardware. The eyebrows are bar b que skewers cut and painted black. Then I dremaled the holes in at the proper angle in his skull and chest. The rest is clay and Golden Acrylic paint.

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  • I used a taxidermy foam form. The form was a mountain lion, I used aluminium foil to build up the form and Das air dry clay. His dreads are water hoses from Ace Hardware, his eyebrows and chest hair are Bar B Que skewers. Cut, painted black and dremeled into his scalp. Painted with Golden Acrylics, mostly dry brush technique.

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    Good looking predator, nice work!

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