My creature made of rock

My creature was made for a sci-fi show, it has: facial prosthetic makeup, including contact lenses, 
muscle suit, hands and a cowl built by carved foam and covered all with flexible cold foam, painted with PAX 
to complete the full character.
For the prosthetic makeup I used pros-aide adhesive by Alcone, the paint job was done with Alcohol activated 
palette of Prosthetic colour system by Holzer Company. 

The character ready on set

The cowl base was constructed in different foam thickness, glued in layers, after that, I covered it with flexible cold foam.  

The plaster positive of the actor´s ready for sculpture

I sculpted the face on wet clay

Character finished and ready for camera after two and a half hours application

Application of flexible cold foam on the carved muscle suit

The carved foam muscle suit ready for flexible cold foam application process

Character Finished

Last looks

Wet clay sculpture finished and ready for molding process

Close up of finished character with contact lenses

Some sculpture Details 

Character finished and ready for camera

Paint job with PAX finished

Detail of the painted cowl and back 

Detail of the imitation rock skin textures and colour.

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