I'm making an original design for an Asgardian / Thor Lightsaber.

Hi Stan Winston Family! It's been a while since I've logged in, I was just going through you guys' projects and my god they look amazing! Good luck on the creature contest!!

I am going to start this discussion for my Thor inspired lightsaber. It is my second original design and I am very proud of it!

It all started with a few sketches on my notebook, that I then transfered to photoshop and started messing with ideas:

I wanted to base it on the Mjolnir as well as the Bifrost, to have its energy be the fuel for this saber. My patreons and I played with a few ideas, they shared a lot of measurements from the sabers they own, and we evolved the design to the last one on the right.

During this stage, we discussed what we wanted this saber to do. It is going to have a custom Neopixel blade, one of the bests soundboards available, a speaker, and something that I already experimented with for my Stormbreaker: a smoke machine.

We wanted the smoke to come out of the emitter on the top, as well as the vents on the bottom. This saber is very hot, you know, and it needs to dissipate heat somehow. Therefore people that wield this saber don't have a lot of life left. So the idea that I created for the lore is that it will present itself to those in need, those that don't have anything to lose, because are already dying or don't care about dying.

After a month and a bit, and a lot of modeling in 3DsMax and Zbrush, I arrived at the final look of the saber, as well as split it for perfect 3D printing. These are the final renders.

This text is embeded into the saber, top and bottom parts.All the pieces are split in logical parts so I can paint them separately, and where it didn't make sense to split, I also 3D modeled custom masking tools :DBesides the main pieces, I played around with different leather textures, so I can print them all in high quality resin and test different paintjobs to see which one translates best.But I also made templates to trace on real leather and non-textured pieces if I wanted to use faux leather.Now, the easy job is done. Now begins the hardest stage, which is modeling the interior differently and a chassis to go into and hold all the electronics. I have been immersing myself in the lightsaber world. Luckily we have a ton of tutorials available for wiring lightsabers. I will do it as professional as I can, with detachable blades and plug, fully detachable chassis, a custom set of buttons thanks to a silicone membrane, so I don't have to use the ugly circular buttons available.

But this is by far one of my most ambitious projects to date. It will not top my stormbreaker but will definitely help me a lot when it comes to learning new painting techniques (I will be trying Alumaluster, finally!) that you guys at Stan Winston School have provided with your courses.

What do you guys think? I will update this thread as I go.

Henry Creations


  • Wow, that is one cool design.  Can't wait to see the finished prints, especially if you do the real leather.  Cool concept as well!

  • Hi Chris, I will definitely let you know how it goes. I have never used real leather but it would be cool. Or even a sci fi textured faux leather on the non-textured pieces!
  • Well well well! I just finished taking pictures of the whole thing.

    No brush was used to paint this prop. I used an airbrush, 2K clear, Alclad paints and acrylics, scotch brite, a drill, cuetips...
    I also 3D modelled custom masking tools because I didnt want to use masking tape, hate it! I also think that this technique is the future of painting props.

    And here are some pictures of it before weathering. I also loved the clean look!!
  • Wow, that turned out beautiful!  Awesome paint job and weathering!

  • I love it! Your work is always inspiring. Awesome concept. And so far, excellent execution 👍🏻
  • Thank you guys! Also I leave you here with a small trailer I made:
    I made a Thor inspired Lightsaber and this is the result - YouTube
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