Tharg The Mighty - 2000ad character

Finished off my Tharg the mighty sculpture. First time using WED clay. Pretty fast to work with which is nice. 
Planning on molding him this weekend and will cast in latex.


  • Mold is made and brushing in my thinned layer of latex into both halves. Hope to get painting this weekend if its a successful pull.

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    Trying out a paint scheme on a scrap latex cast before I paint the final peice.

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  • Finished all my paint work for Tharg using Tim Gores Bloodline paints (love them). This was my first time punching hair so that was fun. I also made the rosette of Sirius ( headpiece) out of tinted resin using a silicone mold I made and painted it with metallic paint.
    Still working on clothing for the final presentation photos.
    Hope you like it so far.

  • Gooood.)
  • Heres the final image of my finished Tharg the Mighty. Lot of fun making him.

  • Incredibly talented!
  • Thanks creatorofthings :smile:
  • I want to say you did an excellent job !  I can relate to you brother because it was my first ever piece that I entered . Imagine how much we can grow as artists in a few years experience under our belt! Tough competition though a lot of beautiful artwork ! Keep your head up😀
  • Thanks mate nice work on Grogu!
  • thanks !
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