Honey the Last MoonSlow

This is Honey, she is the last of her kind - a Moonslow. She is a kind and beautiful creature who wanders alone, on the other side of death with the spirits. She can only communicate with the living through the planchette on her forehead which has a direct connection to every Ouija board on our side. Once you call for a long lost loved one to communicate on the board, Honey will connect (as seen in her foggy eyes) and find the one you are looking for, but be careful as your message may be intercepted by an evil force which means Honey is in peril and so... are... you!

Honey is Resin and Foam. Fabricated with airbrush, crepe hair, individual lashes and flocking on the ears.

Inspired by my love of all things spiritual and Ouija as well as by the song "Moonslow yer Lashes" by Gord Downie & The Country of Miracles.

Created by: Lisa Taylor - IG: @lisataylormua

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