How to dispense silicone

Does anyone have any good techniques for dispensing silicone for mixing? Those gallon buckets from smooth on seemed designed to make a mess. My current method is dunking a mixing stick in and holding that over an empty messuring pot, but I'm hoping for better. 


  • The mixing stick method you mentioned is a common one for doing small amounts at a time.

    Pouring directly out of the container is the fastest method if you are mixing larger volumes, but it can get messy.  Depending on the size and type of container you have there may be some pouring techniques that help.  If you have a lid or spout that is off-center on the top, you can pour with that opening staying at the top.  This reduces the pressure of material trying to escape.

    Here's a similar method for their 5-gallon buckets that works great.

    You can also use a smaller container to scoop out small quantities.  With that method, I use a mixing stick to cut/wipe the stringers of material off the lip of the small container before moving it away from the bucket.

    If the material is thin enough you can also use large syringes, keeping one for A and one for B. 

    Having paper towels handy is always a good idea, as it's never 100% mess-free.

  • Cheers Chris!

    I had seen the pour spout and couldn't figure out how people had added it. Din't realise it was for the larger sizes. 

    I was thinking syringe, and will give it a go. Would need to be pretty huge. 
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