Storing Dragon Skin in fridge to slow pot life?

I need to vacuum de-gas my Dragon Skin 10 Very Fast (4 minutes is pretty darn quick). Can I store the A, B or both in a refrigerator to slow the pot life a bit without effecting the physical properties of the final cured silicone? 
I've seen several classes here where the tinted b-side is stored in the fridge for later use in patching etc. I know too cold will cause issues, but in theory this should work to allow enough time to de-gas?
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  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    That would slow down the cure time.  By how much is hard to say.

    Here's some info directly from Smooth-On
    Colder environmental temperatures will increase working time (pot life) and delay cure time of platinum silicones. If applied in too cold of an environment, they may not cure at all.

  • Thanks Chris. 
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