>:)Sheridan‭ >:) 

Materials: Second Hand Repurposed Rabbit Fur‭, ‬Hand crafted bendable tail from bioplastic with metal arm inside, ‬Resin sail coloured with nailpolish and pigment‭, ‬Latex‭, ‬Glass antennas, structure inside made from various plastics. ‭ ‬

Concept: This creature is based around a speculative future scenario where the‭ ‬Portuguese Man-o-war has been 
forced to a life on land due to changes in the climate‭.‬ The name is a reference to the amphibious tank M551 Sheridan.
The photos are made to reference how‭ ‬celebrities carry exclusive pets around on their arm‭, ‬like an adornment showing wealthiness‭. ‬

More works from me on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smalaskuggan/
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