Random Eye Movement Pseudo code

const int NUM_EYE_MOVEMENTS = 500; // we generate 500 random eye movements

// these variables determin how the eye randomly moves

int[NUM_EYE_MOVEMENTS] eyeMovementX;

int[NUM_EYE_MOVEMENTS] eyeMovementY;

boolean moveToTarget = false;

int currentEyeMovement; // the index in eyeMovementsX/Y so we remember where we last moved to;

Motor motorX;

Motor motorY;

int targetX;

int targetY;


* this is a general random number generator


int[] generateRandomNumbers(int n)


// TODO: generate n random numbers and return them as an array


void setup()


currentEyeMovement = 0;

eyeMovementsX = generateRandomNumbers(NUM_EYE_MOVEMENTS);

eyeMovementsY = generateRandomNumbers(NUM_EYE_MOVEMENTS);

motorX = // setup motor that moves left/right

motorY = // setup motor that moves up/down

void loop()




// interupt the move to to to a target



moveToTarget = false;




// your eye is randomly moving

// move your eye to currentEyeMovement. I am guessing at this because it depends on how you eye moves. I am assuming you have 2 motors, the first motor moves the eye left/right (X) and the second motor moves up and down (Y)

// NOTE: the next 2 lines depend on what motor library you use so I am guessing at it



currentEyeMovement = currentEyeMovement+1;

if(currentEyeMovement = NUM_EYE_MOVEMENTS)


// we just moved to the last eye position. for simplicity I am just going to repeat the last movements.

// if you wanted to we could generate new random eye movements here

currentEyeMovement = 0;


}// end else

// while the eye is moving check for a target



targetX = sensor.getTargetX();

targetY = sensor.getTargetY();

moveToTarget = true;


delay(500);// give the eye time to move to the target



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    Here's a sample of some random eye movement I was playing with a while ago for my Skeksis project:  http://123d.circuits.io/circuits/233191-skeksis

    The code is not working perfectly in their current IDE version, and needs some work, but it's a starting point!

    Eventually I plan to add automated blink behavior tied into the eye movement.

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