HELP - how would you go about creating a nail cuticle pocket in a silicone hand

Can any molding pro advise me how silicone hand/finger producers most likely create the cuticle pocket for the nail to sit in for practice silicone esthetician hands. I am unclear if they mold them then make a cut with some tool or if the pocket is created in the molding process. It just seems to tight a space to make in the molding process but I'm a silicone molding noob so thought I would ask. Any help would be greatly appreciated! See picture with my molded finger next to a purchased one with the cuticle pocket. 


  • One way to achieve this would be to have the nails lock into the mold so the fingers are cast around them.   You could either have the nails a part of the mold (permanently set or bolt in place so they are replaceable) or have the nails rest in the mold and have them become part of the casting.   

    Otherwise, I would try cutting the silicone and sliding the nails in.  The only concern there (other than getting the cut wrong) is once a cut is formed it can tear or propagate under stress.

  • Thanks a ton Chris - placing the nail in the mold in the right position and molding around it worked perfectly. I just need to figure out a better way to bind the nail to the polyurethane rubber mold so I can stand it upright without falling and pour the silicone in. 
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