Tron Inspired Raptor Dragon

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Hi! My name is Madison! I've been building creature costumes for a little over 2 years and am in the process of building my most ambitious project yet!

My personal character, a raptor like dragon named Tiamatt Seirei, is being turned into a Tron inspired version of herself! She is still a work in progress but I'm making progress on her daily! 

Here is some of my work on her since the project started!

Here is also a quick video of all the foam work together and in motion.

Currently, my project is wrapped in duct tape. I'm getting ready to pattern the fabric as my last supplie of EL wire arrives on Monday. But before I continue, here is a reference for my character.

Here is a list of everything I have for my project to date as well as time invested in total.

43 feet of aqua EL wire
7 aqua EL panels 
12 sound inverters
12 6v battery holders
Slate grey faux seal fur
black faux seal fur
Acrylic plexglass (heat warped for the face plate)
1.5 inch computer fan (allows air flow into the head)
10 resin claws for the hands 
high density upholstery foam (used for body shaping and padding)
Lycra dive skin 

Time invested to date- 54 hours as of April 11, 2015

Fun fact: The tail measures 6 feet 1 inches long. 
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