I need advises on my work - Creature, props and costume making (aliens from Star Wars mostly)

Hello, I'm Aaricia. 
Sorry if this post is weird and I hope it have his own place here ^^' But I need benevolent advises (even if it's bad aha) on my work.
I dream of working on SF movies industry (like Star Wars, Star Trek, 5th Element, Dune etc) but I don't know if I have what it's needed. 
I'm actualy trying to found where I need to work more to be better and better but I need your help to found what ahah
Because I think profesionals and peoples how have experiences in it are the best to see what is bad and what is good on a production. 

So I present you my work:

•Two on top: hand sculpted, silicon mold, and resin cast, (Guardian Temple and Darth Nihilus from Star Wars),
•Two seconde line: Latex mask, hand sculpted, plaster mold (Silvasu Fi and Constable Zuvio from Star Wars),
•Right Bottom, 3D printer, silicon mold and resin cast ( Benthic, Star Wars),
•Left Bottom, hand sculpted, molded in silicone, cast in resin and eyes part in 3Dprint, (Corvo,  Dishonored)

Now I wana show you some costumes I made:
• Constable Zuvio again (to make a rectangle picture ahah)
• Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, leather work, fake fur, and armor plates with PVC expensed.
• Kahn G'la, an OC for a school project. Costume look cheap because .. It's cheap ahah sorry I was student and didn't have budget ahahah
• Next this is "Smugler Belung", an original character too. Create for a school projet (i made a short video about him:  ) all is trash and made in 2days expect for the latex mask.
• And the last one is Silvasu Fi, a Star Wars Character with her full costume.

Super long post, I'm sorry aha
So I wana know what you think of my work, how can I do to improve myself and a day maybe having the lvl to be profesionnal in the movies industry ?

I'm lost in my professional pathway and I need advise to continue to improve myself ^^

Thank a lot for thoses who take the time to read me ,
Have a nice day :)


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
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    Hi Aaricia, and welcome!

    You have a lot of awesome work here, and it shows a wide variety of skills and materials which is fantastic.  My main advice is to keep making things you love and are passionate about and keep challenging yourself with difficult projects that help to grow your skills.  

    If your goal is to get into the film industry I suggest finding local projects that are in need of your skills.  This can be plays, live events, Halloween attractions, and small local production companies putting together things like music videos, web series, commercials, short films, etc.   This will give you experience working on short timelines with budget constraints and meeting someone else's requirements, and also help you build out your portfolio. And if possible, find a way to collaborate with others. Working well as part of a team is an important skill as well.

    Keep up the great work!

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  • those are some kickass masks and costumes.
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